Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Religious Discrimination - Colorado Baker Fined for Not Making Same Sex Wedding Cake

Colorado provides us with the latest example of anti-religious discrimination.  This time the target is, again, a Christian baker who felt making a wedding cake for a same sex marriage violated his religious beliefs.  Time Magazine reports:
Jack Phillips, Owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop
Photo Credit:  Time Magazine

Colorado baker is appealing a ruling from the state’s Civil Rights Commission that he either make cakes for same-sex weddings or face fines.
Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, refused to bake a wedding cake for Charlie Craig and David Mullins in July of 2012, when the now-married same-sex couple came into his store while planning a reception.
“I’ll make you birthday cakes, shower cakes, sell you cookies and brownies,” Phillips allegedly told the couple, citing religious beliefs as the reason for his refusal. “I just don’t make cakes for same-sex weddings.”   
Attorneys representing Phillips, who hasn’t made any wedding cakes since the ruling, argued Tuesday in the Colorado Court of Appeals that he has the right to refuse to make a same-sex wedding cake according to the First Amendment, the Associated Press reports. “Mr. Phillips has the same First Amendment right as the cake artist who doesn’t want to create a Confederate flag cake,” said Jeremy Tedesco, one of Phillips’ attorneys.
Who can be found on the other side opposing religious freedom and the constitutional Free Exercise Clause?  Well, of course, none other than the American Civil Liberties Union.  Ironically the ACLU was a big supporter of the original Religious Freedom Restoration Act which passed Congress nearly unanimously in 1993 and was signed by Democratic President Bill Clinton.  In the two decades that followed the ACLU and the Democratic Party has turned sharply against religious freedom.  During the 2012 presidential convention Democratic delegates openly booed a proposed amendment to reinsert a mention of "God" and that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel in the party's platform.

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